In our eleven years of operation, the Historical Society has tackled a variety of large and small projects. Here are just three examples. We are looking forward to many more years of preserving and educating about Buffalo Center’s rich past.



The museum at the Heritage Town Center is curated by the Buffalo Center Historical Society. There are no fixed hours for the museum at this time.  It is open for special events, field trips, and on some holidays.  


Old Bank Building

In 2008 the BC Historical Society purchased the old bank building on the corner of Main St. and Second Ave and began a restoration process. At that time, bricks were falling off the roof, the roof was leaking badly in many places, there was no water, heat or bathrooms in the building, and it had not really been in use for several years.

By 2011, through grants and fundraisers, the BC Historical Society had fixed the roof, stabilized the bricks, added electricity and heat, and cleaned the building.

Enough had been done to bring the building up to standards that allowed the Buffalo Center Community Development group to purchase it and add their own touches.

Since that time, new lighting and hardwood floors have been added, as well as a bathroom.


Grant #5

Grant Township School House #5 is located on section 15 in Grant Township, six miles south of Buffalo Center, Iowa, on County Road R20.

The schoolhouse stands on its original location but was not the first schoolhouse on that site. While schoolhouse records are still being hunted down, oral histories place the construction of the school in the 1920's. From a purely historical standpoint, the schoolhouse represents Iowa's education system in the era of transition between country schools and consolidation.

We think it is one of only two remaining country schoolhouses on its original location in Winnebago County.